hard urban materials juxtapose with feminine qualities associated with textiles

Drawing and mark-making are explored through experimental manipulation of fabric and stitch.

Contemporary portraits are created by layering process upon process, building up a tactile surface.

Unpredictable processes and contrasting materials combine to produce Slabs + Constructs.

I'm drawn to imperfect materials that possess the ability to build form and hold memories of passing time.

hang a portrait on your wall

slabs + constructs

SLABS and CONSTRUCTS are an ongoing series of wall-mounted sculptural reliefs and small sculptural objects inspired by urban imperfection. Concrete and plaster contrast with deconstructed textiles and stitched threads to suggest graffiti or layered paint on crumbling walls.


Who am I?

I am a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London, a stones throw from the world famous Camden Market.

Studying fashion design in the mid 80's and working in the industry for over a decade has been the foundation for my work. Witnessing the mashup culture that prevailed in the early 90's further cemented my approach to making.

I enjoy manipulating textiles. My particular interest is in the juxtapositions created when contrasting materials and layers of process collide.

who says paintings have to be on canvas and drawings made with a pencil

Shirley Nette Williams


SLAB PAINTINGS are an ongoing series of abstract wall sculptures made from a combination of plaster and concrete, embedded with textiles and found materials. An experimental accumulation of processes are used to create tactile paintings.

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